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the Entertainer

   Jim Henson's The Dark Crystal is one of my main inspiration and what convinced me to work with puppetry. After the release of its prequel show The Dark Crystal - Age of Resistance, I wanted to pay homage to all the talents behind it by creating my own puppet.
  SkekSard is an original Skeksis (the villainous creatures from the movie and show) which role is to entertain the court. The hand puppet is mainly made of latex filled with foam and a wig to bring a ridiculous look to his grumpy, frightening face. 
 The final puppet was first presented during an event at Elstree Studios in London: The Great Con-Junction, an event with many guests from The Dark Crystal crew, including Brian and Wendy Froud. 

Design and Sculpture


Finished Head

Carapace - Maquette

   In case I want to take a step further and create a whole costume for SkekSard, I designed a piece that would sit on his back.

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